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We are two African American women raising twin boys. We have been together since 2006 and married since 2007 and are enjoying the hell out of this journey called life together.

Before we knew each other, we were described by others as different. Either we weren’t “black” enough or we were just plain weird.


But, The status quo never appealed to us. Life is already confining, social norms and expectations are suffocating. Most of us are living lives dictated by others. We decided this is no way to live and out of this decision Life On Your Terms was born. With this platform, we want to inspire people to become the greatest version of themselves by sharing the greatest gift they have - YOU!

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From high school drop out to achieving an MBA, from self-harm to author of Black Girls Cut, Too, from weird to unleashed, Stacey Stevenson is a socially engaging, riveting and influential woman with charisma and power to positively influence and capture anyone who meets her.


Stacey is a long-time leader and uses her educational, professional and life experiences to advise others in pursuit of their definition of success.  Stacey’s belief is that success does not have the same definition for everyone and believes in coaching and mentoring others to achieve their version of success. 


As a speaker, motivator and student of life, Stacey is motivated to continue to live life with passion and show gratitude for both failures and successes as necessary parts of growth.  With her positive spin on negative experiences, Stacey connects with others with difficult backgrounds.  To overcome poverty, anxiety, alcoholism, abuse and criticism, Stacey looked internally at the power that was already there and created her roadmap that has led her to success internally and externally. 


Stacey continues to share her story with audiences as well as individuals about her struggles while motivating them to continue to stand up and define their own success.  Known to talk to GED classes about their bright futures and inner-city youth, Stacey’s likeability and relatability makes her teachings inspirational to all audiences.


Hi, I'm Cheralyn!  I'm beyond excited that you want to share this journey with me.  My personal passions include being the absolute best individual, wife and mom (in that order) that I can be.  I enjoy cooking nutritious meals for my family after taking on a healthy journey that involved losing over 100 pounds (read more about that here).  I also absolutely love talking about the tips and tricks I have used along the way that have enabled me to maintain a successful relationship with my wife while traversing life's issues (see video here).  The divorce rate is high enough, and that rate increases once you introduce kids into the situation.  I love planning family connection events and activities while also making time to focus on couples only time.

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