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Stacey Stevenson


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Stacey Stevenson is a senior leader at a major financial firm, and co-founder of Lez Talk, a Dallas LBTQ+ women’s empowerment conference and LOYT – Life on your terms, a lifestyle brand co-owned by her wife. Stacey’s passions include technology, writing, and uplifting her community. When she’s not spending time at her day job helping modernize Contact Center Technology, you can find her serving on the board of several non-profits, writing, or helping underprivileged youth stay motivated by sharing her story and experiences.

Stacey considers herself an unorthodox student of technology. She selected tech as a means of survival when she moved to Dallas from her small town (about 400 miles away at the southern tip of Texas) at the age of 21. With $70, she needed a job quickly and spotted a job ad for a help desk technician in the local newspaper. Having no formal back ground and only a GED education, Stacey read a Windows 95 manual overnight and landed the job. From there, she grew to love all aspects of technology and leadership and that passion has sustained for over twenty years.

Stacey has earned multiple technology certifications, and holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Management. She and her wife Cheralyn of 12 years have twin 4-year old boys. Her hobbies include eating interesting foods, reading, traveling, and listening to a wide spectrum of music.



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