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What Is The Vision For Your Life

Back in 2008, we started creating vision boards. After watching the movie, The Secret, we were drawn to the benefits of visualization of what you want to show up in your life. We came across an old vision board last night we created in 2009. We were two years into our marriage and were still trying to figure our lives out both professionally and personally. We were in individual and couples’ counseling and our relationship was not welcomed by some family members.

Stacey was an IT Manager at the time, determined on climbing the corporate ladder, with wishes of becoming a Director. We also had dreams of traveling to London and Paris. The vision for our lives at the time was to build a strong marriage while achieving career and financial stability. We stared at this vision board weekly, and when we weren't near the board, we kept that vision in our heads. We talked to each other about our vision constantly.

We achieved that vision and then some. We traveled to Paris and London in style, Stacey became a Director, and our marriage is rock solid. Since then, we have created multiple visions. Whenever we achieve one of our visions, we create another. In fact, every New Year's Day, we write our goals down and place them on the refrigerator where we can see them and check them off as we complete them, which aids in visualization.

YOU create your life and what you think we become. If you visualize poverty and being broke, that is what will show up in your life. If you think you’re not good enough, you'll attract people in your life who will treat you that way. If you think you will never find love, that is exactly what will happen.

Do you have a vision for your life? If not, start today. Create a vision board, write your goals down, post your goals and your vision board somewhere you are constantly reminded of what you want to manifest. Be patient and stay the course. Nothing happens overnight. Do not allow negative thinking (including your own) or naysayers to deter you from your vision. No vision is too great to achieve. And as always, Live Life on Your Own Terms.

Our 2008 vision board referenced in this blogl:

Our 2008 Vision Board

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